If you’re on the lookout for a new influencer-hosted podcast to listen to, then you’re in the right place. Here are five podcasts hosted by content creators that you should be listening to right now.

Saving Grace – Hosted by GK Barry

Grace, or ‘GK’ Barry as she is known online, launched her podcast in April after gaining a large audience on TikTok. Grace is best known for her candid content which often features open discussions about sex, dating experiences, and the general trials and tribulations of being a young adult.

Moving away from the short-form time limit on TikTok, Grace’s podcast episodes vary in length from around 45 minutes to an hour, and she welcomes guests to each episode to join her in conversation.

Grace’s guests so far have included her influencer peers, as well as popular reality TV stars. The episodes are feel-good and funny – the perfect way to lift your mood on your daily commute.

The Girls Bathroom – Hosted by Sophia and Cinzia

Sophia and Cinzia are lifelong best friends who rose to internet popularity when they launched their joint fashion and lifestyle YouTube channel seven years ago. The girls’ YouTube channel has often featured ‘girl talk’ and ‘boy talk’ videos in which they give advice on the dilemmas their young audience face as they enter into adult life.

In 2019, Sophia and Cinzia switched up the way they share advice with their audience by launching a podcast. The weekly episodes alternate between ‘girl talk’ and ‘boy talk’ and listeners are invited to email their dilemmas to the girls who share their best advice.

Gaining a large, loyal audience has meant that the girls have been able to take their podcast on tour, hosting live episodes across the UK, allowing them to connect in a more personal way with the listeners who tune in weekly.

Inner Monologue – Hosted by Olivia Neill

The internet’s ‘it girl’ Olivia Neill has rapidly grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Starting her YouTube channel when she was still at school meant that she attracted a young audience who could relate to her during this challenging time of life.

Olivia has always been open and chatty in her YouTube and TikTok videos, voicing her thoughts on topics relevant to her Gen Z audience. At the end of last year, Olivia launched her podcast, Inner Monologue, as a way to vocalise her thoughts and feelings weekly on different topics such as relationships, moving out for the first time, and social media.

These 30-minute podcast episodes are great to listen to every Wednesday as a mid-week pick-me-up.

Parental Guidance – Hosted by Rose and Rosie

Married duo, Rose and Rosie, began posting YouTube videos together 10 years ago sharing comedic content following their lives as an LGBTQIA+ couple.

When the couple decided to start a family in August 2020, they launched their podcast to document their journey from finding their sperm donor, all the way to giving birth and raising their first child.

Each episode, often featuring guests, is educational, sometimes emotional, and always an entertaining look into the couple’s journey to becoming parents.

Anything Goes – Hosted by Emma Chamberlain

Known for years as the queen of YouTube, Emma Chamberlain recently took a step back from posting regular videos to focus on other areas of her career. One of Emma’s main focuses has been her podcast, Anything Goes.

Emma is well known and loved for her relatable content, in which no topic is glossed over or glamorised. Her chatty podcast sees Emma discuss a broad range of topics from fashion, to how she copes in a crisis.

Recently turning 21, Emma has switched up her podcast a little by opening up about her adult experiences with relationships, drinking, and more, being honest and comedic along the way.

And one for luck, Talks with Ash – Hosted by Ashleigh Louise

We promised you a list of five podcasts, but as a bonus, this audio pick is hosted on Twitter Spaces and is certainly something that Love Island fans should be tuning into. When Clubhouse burst onto the audio content scene, Ashleigh began hosting daily discussions on an array of topics, but now, for those of you who are Twitter users, you’ll want to stay up to date with her chats on Twitter Spaces.

Love Island is a hot topic each year, and social media users go crazy sharing their thoughts and opinions on the series’ drama. For those of you who are super invested, every evening when Love Island finishes, Ashleigh hosts a live audio discussion on Twitter spaces, often lasting for a couple of hours.

As the host, Ashleigh sets the precedence for the conversation, inviting Twitter users to join her on the podium and have their voices heard too. This audio offering is the go-to for reality TV lovers who enjoy some healthy debate.

Podcast and audio content seems to be a natural progression for content creators that originally started out on YouTube, and now TikTok, who want to share longer-form content that doesn’t need to be perfectly edited and beautiful. Podcasts are a great way for creators’ audiences to feel a deeper connection to the creators they’re invested in, and ultimately, they’re extremely entertaining too!

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