In their session at the Influencer Marketing Show in New York back in April, panelists Megan Shuffleton, Team Lead of the Brand Ambassador Programme at Squarespace, Jennifer Quigley-Jones, CEO of Digital Voices, Blaine Doherty Influencer Marketing Manager at Fiverr, and Dontae Mears Global, Head of Influencer Marketing at Depop, honed in on this topic.

Jenny shared a very valuable statistic, stating that influencer produced content is 50% cheaper to make than traditional video production, and is 40% more memorable. After all, people want to interact with real people.

When an influencer produces content for paid social, from the experience of the panelists, they have seen it outperform ads that don’t feature influencers. As long as the messaging and the creative makes sense for the goal of the brand, it is not necessary to onboard macro celebs to hit your KPIs.

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