We chatted with Ben Jeffries, CEO of Influencer.com to learn more about why he and his team decided to take their company to the states.

Influencer.com started as a UK-based company that has now gone global. Why was the US one of the locations that you wanted to expand to?

The United States was always a place that our hearts (and minds!) were set on opening in. Not least because it is the largest advertising market in the world, but because we truly believe it holds some of the world’s most creative minds who can help champion our ethos of creativity at Influencer.com.

At Influencer.com, we are obsessed with driving the best possible global business results for our clients. Having a team in New York is essential to give our clients the best possible client experience and value directly to them as we achieve more groundbreaking results in the region.

How do you feel that the influencer marketing space in the US differs from the UK?

In the US market, there is much greater velocity in the space. We see speed, direction, and discipline as all key principles of how quickly the market is evolving.

Because of this, it’s much more important to stick to three key ways of working with creators:

Be reactive, keep it simple and be authentic.

The US market is currently very hot on Data and Insights across the full influencer marketing funnel; whether an activation is about increasing Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion.

We’re here within the market to help further the education on what is important to track and will help deliver those real business results, and what more can be done to strengthen influencer marketing’s place within the wider marketing ecosystem.

As a partner of the first-ever Influencer Marketing Show NYC, what do you hope to bring to attendees at the show?

We want to encourage greater co-creation of deeper insights and learnings for the industry.

On the other hand, what do you hope to achieve/learn from the event?

How else we can work together with other creator economy businesses, to give the industry a greater unified place within the marketing mix.

Ben and the Influencer.com US team will be at the Influencer Marketing Show New York at New World Stages on the 27th of April, so be sure to head over to their stand to have a chat and learn more about what they do.

There are still some last-minute tickets up for grabs, so act quickly to secure a last-minute deal!

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