International Open Academy (IOA) is a pioneer in the e-learning space. It has delivered over one million courses in 139 countries via a wide variety of over 200 online courses, offering aspirational guidance on how to monetise a hobby or passion. It’s about offering vocational courses that help people enhance their lives, upgrade skills and take control of their careers.

“You can learn anything from how to detail a car to teaching English abroad, or even how to dance certain pop routines” says IOA’s Talent and influencer Manager Laurence Britton - “it really is that varied.”

In 2021, Britton approached about employing the company’s influencer marketing platform to help recruit and manage IOA’s growing roster of influencers. These influencers create content for the company’s Learning Network offering, and Britton was keen to tap into the power of’s automation and organisational tools to streamline these resource-intensive processes.

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