Now that 2022 is well underway, the glamourous predictions for the year are already starting to be realised or disproved, and the growth of the influencer marketing industry seems to have only sped up, with fresh challenges and opportunities occurring every day.

At the core of it, arguably, the landscape remains unchanged, with authenticity playing the most significant role in any successful partnership. But to all intents and purposes, the true meaning of success has evolved. Gone are the days when the channel was deemed to drive reach and nothing more. With its ever-increasing maturity and the integration of performance technology, influencer marketing can now be viewed as a full-funnel marketing strategy.

Creators/Influencers/Ambassadors have proven themselves to be an effective brand extension, but can creative control be shared? Our fresh agenda, curated for IMS NYC, aims to give brands answers to these questions in addition to a roadmap on how to stay ahead of the curve.

‘Buzzwords’ are over-prevalent in this instant landscape, but at the Influencer Marketing Show New York, our carefully curated content aims to cut through the noise, to understand the tangible issues that brands are facing, and aid them in understanding truly actionable solutions. Influencer marketing is garnering wider marketing attention, and to capitalize on this, how can it be integrated into a wider media plan?

A sneak peek of a session that will be featured at the show is below.

How to Shape a Media Plan With Influence in Mind

The world of creator marketing is no longer the island it once was. After years of siloed marketing budgets, these partnerships are truly evolving, and being treated more and more like a channel that can deliver results across the funnel. In this legitimate and maturing industry, true value is gained when understanding how to achieve ‘success’ through enabling the use of diverse types of creators and campaigns. This session will look at how tapping into niche communities can be done holistically and what data points matter the most when understanding what works.

Dontae Mears, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at Depop will be leading this interesting conversation, with plenty of time for your questions on the subject at the end.

IMS NYC will be taking place on the 27th of April at New World Stages in New York. For the full agenda, check out our website, limited tickets are still available to the show.

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