The goal of Pinterest’s new Elevates programme is to enable the growth of underrepresented businesses on the platform. The programme will provide both monetary and strategic support to 10 different businesses using Pinterest.

Nichole Barnes Marshall, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Pinterest says: “At Pinterest, it’s important that the content on our platform accurately represents and reflects the world we live in. We’re excited to honour these women and the work that they do, bringing them greater awareness and attention this Women’s History Month and beyond,”

The introduction of Elevate is part of a larger initiative at Pinterest to amplify underrepresented businesses and enhance their digital marketing. It is clear to see that Pinterest is putting a heavy focus on supporting creators and influencers on the platform, attracting more content creators to build an audience there.

The motivation behind Pinterest Elevates

During Pinterest’s fourth annual women’s conference, the idea was presented to invest a total of $100,000 in the Elevate programme. Each participant will be given initial ad credits as well as a personal coach to help guide them towards their business goals – boosting their brand visibility and setting them up to better connect with their followers, and welcoming new ones.

Passport Polish owner Mari Brisco said, “As a long time user of Pinterest – since 2011 when you needed an invitation to join the platform – I am thrilled to be a part of a programme that elevates small businesses like mine and gives us the tools needed to succeed,”

“Small businesses help fuel the economy and I am happy that Pinterest Elevates will give me the opportunity to inspire and help other small businesses.”

The Pinterest Elevate programme will be supporting women throughout March, and beyond. We would love to hear from you to learn more about the initiatives you have seen platforms and brands launch for Women’s History Month. Join the conversation on LinkedIn!

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