In 2020 and 2021, TikTok was the platform playing a large role in fashion week, working with content creators and world-famous brands to produce online event coverage. In 2022, Instagram is going from URL to IRL, collaborating with content creators to promote fashion week opportunities.

According to The Business of Fashion, Instagram’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week event, ‘Instagram IRL’, will see the social media platform bring together content creators and fashion industry insiders to talk about best practices in storytelling and how to use the network to build their careers.

Previous industry seminars hosted by Instagram have typically been technical, aimed at teaching creators how to best use the application’s functionalities, yet the Fashion Week event aims to embrace creativity. Instagram IRL will feature discussions about finding your creative voice and showcasing success stories from the likes of breakout star Jean Jacques Ndjoli, as artistic director of the “ephemeral incubator”, according to Clara Cornet, Instagram’s head of fashion strategic partnerships in Southern Europe, who adds that the event is all about showing that Instagram is a place for building sustainable businesses, where you can bring your career to the next level.

It is not yet clear whether Instagram will host similar events at fashion week events hosted across the globe later in the year, but the Paris event is an excellent opportunity to explore how content creators and consumers engage with Instagram’s in-person ventures.

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