Firstly, let’s take a look at the new ‘Montage’ feature - a feature that has been put in place to encourage more users to use Reels. Reels can be daunting to many users who don’t have experience filming and editing video clips using beautifully seamless transitions - and that’s before the addition of music and voiceovers. The Montage feature creates an easy way for users to turn their Stories into a Reel.

Currently being tested internally, ‘Montages’ allows users to view all of their Stories frames in a sequence, they can then allow Instagram to combine the Stories into a short Reels video. The Reels video can then be posted and shared as is, although the final step of the Montage process suggests that users should add audio to the Stories compilation, then TADA - the Reels video has been made for you - no editing experience required.

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