First up, we caught up with Paulina Anna Solway, 2020’s IMA Rising Star. Paulina was the Managing Director at influencer marketing agency, Pulse Advertising. When awarding Paulina, the judges commented on the fact that she “showed expertise way beyond just researching, selecting and working with influencers”.

Neve Fear-Smith wanted to find out how Paulina has grown and progressed over the past year, especially during the Covid-19 climate.

When you took the Rising Star crown, you were in the role of Managing Director at Pulse Advertising. How has your role changed since winning the award? And what do your current responsibilities in your role look like?

I wouldn’t say my role hasn’t changed all that much per sé, but what I will say is that it solidified how much our industry is changing and moving forward, and with that and the award won my responsibilities grew. This goes from signing bigger clients, managing larger budgets as well as steering through Covid, and challenging all executives and team leaders to keep teams motivated and adapting to a “new way of working”.

How do you feel that winning the Rising Star award motivated or influenced your career moves over the past year/two years?

Obviously last year from being recognised for my work in the ever-growing arena of advertising to the challenges it’s brought, the bottom line is it has broadened my perspective on this industry. It has triggered my thought process on what’s next even further, for myself and for the market.

2020 was a very difficult year for many. What were some of the career challenges you faced during this period, and how did you overcome them?

Three things – leading my team through uncertainty and fast changes, to go into overdrive with the company and come out on top, and lastly, helping clients to navigate the crisis and pivot their digital strategies.

Are there any projects that you are working on currently that are particularly exciting to you? Please share.

Of course! The market and clients are as agile and open to innovation in the way they speak to their consumers as ever which makes our jobs incredibly exciting, the opportunity that has come from this will launch us into a new phase of growth. So, stay tuned –

Next steps: Looking forward to another years’ time, what are some of your goals and aspirations for the next moves in your career?

Personally, always looking for growth and broadening my skills and knowledge. With that – I am looking to continue my executive leadership with organisations that are forward-thinking, innovative, and bold. Another personal goal of mine is to be a state-of-the-art example for young professionals as well as providing mentorship to anyone who is interested in our industry.

What would be your number one piece of advice for the future rising stars in regards to entering the industry, and thriving within it?

Think big – and don’t shy away from challenges, take them on – ask the questions and give it a go.

Paulina added that if you’d like to chat social media, digital, or careers feel free to reach out to her as she is always around for a coffee to discuss new ideas. It is great to see how she has continued to grow and adapt her role to suit the needs of consumers and the world around us. We will be sure to remain in touch with Paulina to follow her future progression.

If you want to see who this years’ judging panel and the industry voters selected as 2021’s Rising Star, you can still download the Book of the Night for free.

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