While these questions are key to getting started, determining next steps is not always that simple. There are more social platforms than we can count; new features emerge seemingly each day and many of them are starting to look the same. Look no further than TikTok v. Reels v. YouTube Shorts, or Clubhouse v. Twitter Spaces v. Facebook’s new Hotline audio feature to see this platform and feature melding playout in real time. It’s possible to stay on top of new features and use them to your advantage within an influencer marketing strategy without overexerting yourself or wasting budget. Here are a few key tips:

Let the numbers do the talking

Before you even activate influencers for a campaign, taking a deeper dive into their metrics, as well as some intangible qualities, can point you in the right direction to identify your highest priority platforms or content types. Assess the usual engagement rates per each influencer’s following, but also look at the nature of the engagement – are followers interacting with a particular user in more meaningful, positive ways on one platform over another?

For bigger influencers, particularly those you’ve worked with before, ask to review site traffic to determine the exact impact their activity across platforms can have on driving customers to your site. More intangibly, what is the quality of their content? Influencers that put together truly high-quality visuals that spark engagement or action are valuable assets and you should look to put more budget behind them on their most active platforms.

Further, you can also use these metrics to determine which user posts you should consider boosting on specific networks. Throwing a bit more money behind one of your highest-performing TikTok influencers can result in a big ROI boost as well as increased visibility and awareness for your brand on that platform.

Look at usefulness, not just popularity

When comparing platforms and tools to determine where to direct your influencer marketing spend, looking at what’s hot and popular at the moment might not always be your best bet. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype around the hottest apps or trends, particularly when all the major social platforms roll out similar features on the heels of one another. Take a step back and ask yourself if the channel or tool is truly useful in reaching your goals.

Turn to your existing influencers and ask for their honest feedback on new apps and what they view as the biggest value drivers or challenges are for each. Do they think the venue is appropriate for sponsored content? There is a way to get creative and incorporate influencer marketing and thought leadership on nearly every platform but this is more about determining what’s worth the effort and investment.

If your team and influencers cannot immediately identify tangible ways sponsored content on a new app would move the needle for your sales, visibility or market position, it may be best to hold on activating campaigns there and put more money toward platforms you have proven success with until the venue has had time to mature.

Identify first-mover opportunities

On the other hand, taking a risk on a platform that’s new on the scene or even just new to your brand could be worth it if your influencers have claimed first-mover advantage there or have cornered a particularly desirable audience for your brand. Tap into the insights they’ve gained while establishing their presence and following to gain consumer insights and an overall understanding of the platform’s culture. If your existing or prospective influencers are already ingrained in high-value communities look to prioritise campaigns and even boosted posts in these places.

Taking it a step further, with the insights of a first mover to help you make an entrance into a new audience, you’ll also want to know which types of branded content will speak to consumers best. It could be anything from more traditional video and photo posts to influencer-led audio discussions or explanatory written content. No matter the form, ensure that you’re investing in content that will perform well with target audiences by working with influencers to develop creative briefs which keep your messaging and goals in sight but also allow the influencer room to alter as they see fit to maximise your marketing spend.

With the barrage of new platforms and tools available in the world of social media, it’s understandable for marketers to feel overwhelmed when it comes time to plan influencer campaigns. Taking time to understand the value of each creator, both tangible and intangible, and recognising their knowledge of social culture, followers and content tools as a resource for your brand will help you cut through the clutter and invest in the most impactful channels for your influencer marketing efforts.

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