YouTube trials hiding dislikes

In response to creator feedback, YouTube has recently been trialling hiding dislikes to protect the wellbeing of its community. The team at YouTube became aware that certain creators were being targeted by dislike campaigns aimed at downvoting videos.

The aim of the test was to see if these targeted campaigns would be reduced if viewers were not able to see the dislike count. Creators are still able to see their own breakdown of likes and dislikes on their YouTube Studio page. This way, creators can access a more realistic breakdown of their feedback, allowing them to strategically shape future content.

LinkedIn adds new profile features

LinkedIn, the social platform for professionals, has been working on making the platform even more engaging and reminiscent of their favourite social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

One of the new aspects that LinkedIn will be introducing for individual profile members in the app is the Cover Story feature. Users will be able to upload an introductory video to their profile, once the video is added, an orange ring will appear around the users profile pictures. Potential employers will then be able to watch the short introductory video and get a real idea of the personality behind the profile.

Another significant update introduced by LinkedIn is the Creator Mode feature. When the new ‘Creator Mode’ is activated, users can add a selection of hashtags to indicate what topics they post about most and engage with on the platform, which will help LinkedIn showcase users to interested audiences. Creator Mode will also move your ‘Featured’ and ‘Activity’ sections to the top of the users profile to put more focus on the content the user posts. In Creator Mode, the ‘Connect’ button will be updated to ‘Follow’ instead, in order to help users build an audience in the app, especially for those who live broadcast on LinkedIn.

TikTok launch creator hub and test playlist feature

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that TikTok has been rolling out its new playlist feature. At present, only users with a Creator or Business account are able to use the feature, and only publicly listed videos can be added to a playlist. The advantage of the feature, for both viewers and creators, is that it makes content on a specific topic easier to access. It allows creators to curate their profiles and viewers to access the content they enjoy the most.

Another new feature introduced by TikTok for business account holders is the Business Creative Hub. Creators will be able to elevate their own, or their brands presence by following the Creative Hubs guidance on content creation, helping them to learn from best practices and turn creative ideas into TikTok videos.

We continue to see the introduction of social apps making their platforms more creator friendly, with a real focus on utilising the platforms for business purposes. Influencers and content creators are more able than ever to produce the content they love, that is engaging, and allows them to earn revenue.

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