It is great to look back on previous Influencer Marketing Awards winners in order for this year’s entrants to gain insight and inspiration. We want to encourage you to enter the awards so that we can continue to celebrate the excellent work within the industry – perhaps you’ll see yourself in this list next year!

We remind you that the early bird entry deadline for the awards is the 8th April 2021, regular entries close on 15th April 2021, and the last chance entry deadline is the 27th April 2021.

Rising Star winner

Taking home the IMA rising star trophy was Managing Director at Pulse Advertising, Paulina Anna Solway Paulsen. The judges noted that ‘Paulina showed expertise way beyond just researching, selecting, and working with influencers.’ She is always ahead of the curve and the first to know about the latest trends, utilising her connections and relationships with major social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Since winning the award, Talking Influence has invited Paulina to become a part of the advisory board for the Influencer Marketing Show Global 2021. Being a part of the advisory board will give Paulina the opportunity to showcase her experience and knowledge by helping to put together the agenda and select speakers for the show.

Grand Prix winner

Ogilvy Social.Lab were the Grand Prix award winners at the IMA’s 2020. The Ogilvy team embarked upon an extremely important campaign for Netherlands’ ProRail. With the number of railway fatalities in the Netherlands tripling since 2016, and with most victims being teenagers, it was important to launch a campaign that would attract and educate a younger audience.

‘Victim Fashion’ was the award-winning campaign that Ogilvy successfully launched to draw attention to the number of teenage fatalities due to railway incidents. Ogilvy created a youth safety campaign disguised as a fashion label. The collection is based on the clothing victims wore when the fatal accident happened. Our judges celebrated the fact that Ogilvy took a highly creative approach to a complex brief, executing the project with a message that spread far beyond the target audience.

This year, we will be welcoming Rahul Titus, head of influence at Ogilvy to the Influencer Marketing Show Global advisory board, continuing the relationship between Talking Influence and our wonderful award winners.

Ahead of the 2021 awards

Be sure to check out the first and second installments of the winner highlight series to get inspiration from the winners in each of last year’s categories.

Enter now ahead of the awards on the 22nd July 2021! If you’ve executed exceptional campaigns during the last year, it could be your time to shine. Download the entry kit now to get planning with your team and put your brand at the top of your field.

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