Influencers can help you with amplifying your brand messages, providing creative inspirations around how to use your product, or providing reviews on how the product tastes. Below are some fun ways you can work with influencers to make your product top of mind this Valentine’s Day.

Recipe blogs are a great way to learn how to creatively use a product. How to tailor that product for specific dietary needs. If your brand is looking to share ideas on the different ways to use its products for date nights, consider collaborating with a mummy blogger or a food blogger.

You can work with these influencers to create inspiring recipe ideas featuring your products. These influencers have large followings and their blogs can have a high reach. Working with them will allow you to amplify your brand messages and keep your products top of mind. In your pitch, be sure to mention the unique details about your product, ask whether the influencer is working on any upcoming recipe blogs and also you can suggest potential recipe ideas using your product.

Through grocery hauls, you can learn about the great deals on fresh produce and snack items. Hear honest reviews on how the product taste and even how to use it for dinner or lunch. If your brand is looking to raise awareness about its snack line, desserts, or other tasty products, consider partnering with a food or lifestyle vlogger on YouTube.

Vloggers can help with sharing nutritional details about your product with their viewers, sharing reviews and insights on how to use the product in their meals. Before pitching to vloggers, make sure to go through their videos to see whether they have made previous haul videos and if they have, pitch to them and even suggest potential haul videos such as snack, dessert, or dinner haul videos.

3.  Collaborate with an influencer on a video recreating one of your products

Some videos are fun to watch when you get to see your favourite snack or treat recreated into a unique edible food, such as a turkey or a burger-inspired cake. To make your product is top of mind, collaborate with cake artists/food vloggers on YouTube. Before reaching out to these food vloggers, make sure to go through their videos to see what other collaboration videos they have done. In your pitch, mention that you have seen their collaboration videos and you are interested in collaborating with them to feature your new product.

Listicles are blogs written in a list-based format. These blogs feature ten to twenty items based on a specific theme. If you are looking to share multiple ways to enjoy your product, collaborate with a food, lifestyle, travel, or a mummy blogger. In your pitch, suggest potential Valentine’s Day-themed story ideas such as date night desserts, fun dinner ideas, or DIY treats. Listicle blogs are memorable and are a fun way to showcase the flexibility of your latest products.

5. Invite an influencer to collaborate on a taste testing video of your product

Taste-testing videos feature honest reviews, first impressions, and more insights on the visual and feel of the product. If you are looking to raise interest and awareness around your products, collaborate with lifestyle, travel, or food vloggers who do taste-testing videos. Taste-testing videos are not only fun but also you can use these videos as testimonials on your website or feature it as coverage on your newsroom.

6. Partner with influencers doing virtual media tours

In today’s changing media landscape, it has become harder to secure an editorial opportunity. Many media outlets have moved to a ‘pay to play’ business model where brands will have to pay a cost to secure a segment opportunity on morning or afternoon shows on TV.

If your brand is looking to secure segment opportunities on a popular morning or afternoon show on TV, collaborate with influencers that are doing media tours on Valentine’s Day-themed segments. These influencers are usually regular brand experts on these popular shows and collaborating with them will help you to amplify the key messages around your latest products in a creative way.

Make sure that your product is the Valentines product of the season!

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