We recently reported that YouTube has updated its hashtag feature. The platform’s tests and experiments are now branching out to commerce. This will allow YouTube to offer a broader amount of content and opportunities to its users.

About Youtube shopping

With TikTok launching shoppable ads and Instagram launching its shopping feature, YouTube is following suit with its new shopping tool. Users will be able to buy products featured in videos directly through the platform.

The new feature is currently being tested in the United States for web and mobile users. A select amount of chosen creators are now able to add shoppable links to products mentioned in their videos. These items will be available for purchase via a shopping bag icon on the left-hand side of the video window.

Increase in brand sales

As the feature is tested and hopefully expands, it could be interesting for brands who are selling a product to collaborate with YouTube influencers, as YouTube offers a way for users to shop with minimal effort. Brand sales could increase if a user can purchase an item within a couple of clicks, without having to leave the YouTube app.

In our article about shoppable video, we explain that the concept is becoming a key ingredient in brand-influencer partnerships. If brands inject greater versatility into influencer content with high engagement, such as ‘hauls’ on YouTube, they can more effectively tap into growing consumer appetites for online shopping and social content.

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