The onset of the COVID pandemic increased the screen time of the general public. People are spending more and more time digitally than in the real world. In order to make use of this increased time, brands are increasingly recruiting influencers and content creators for audience engagement. The industry itself has evolved from being just about the number of followers to professional new metrics such as engagement rate, and today, influencer audience overlap. Let us take an in-depth look at the new age concept of audience overlap that is becoming increasingly important for marketers.

Importance of understanding Audience Overlapping

In order to fully understand the audience, you need to first decide the correct way of approaching them on social media. In order to help you to reach the correct audience, the audience overlap functionality comes into play. Understanding this metric helps you when managing the marketing campaigns to have the maximum impact on them.

This is a piece of important information that has to be taken into account in order to achieve your marketing goals. In this case, only the right influencer marketing platform can help you with this. Influencity offers this new feature that helps in a realistic identification of the target audience. With the help of this tool, you will also get to know about the number of unique followers a group of influencers has.

How to use influencer audience overlap

The value of audience overlapping is such that it will help us in working with influencers who share or do not share their audience, depending upon our marketing goals. The first thing that we start with when working on a campaign is the setting of goals and deciding our target audience.

The audience overlap helps you in deciding whether you want to send the same message to the same audience or you want to reach the maximum number of people out there. Do remember that the size of the audience overlapping is decided by the aim and strategy of your marketing campaign. There are two strategies that you can consider at this point.

Large Audience Overlap: The metric is helpful when focusing on a niche group of people. It helps in reinforcing your brand message in their minds. Not only will it help you in selecting the right influencer but also make sure that the message is delivered to the right person the appropriate number of times.

The chances that your potential customers will become your real ones are high in this case because they will be hearing the same message again and again but from different channels. This also makes it a part of the retargeting strategy of a brand where you deliver the same brand message to the same audience through different channels like radio, TV, or online.

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Small audience overlap: If your aim is to increase awareness among the audience regarding your brand and reach a diverse group of people, it is best to use this functionality. It will help you in choosing the right influencer marketing strategy that goes for a high number of unique followers and a low overlapping percentage. In other words, your reach will be higher.

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Selecting the right Audience overlap

The right audience overlap is an important factor that can decide the success of your social media marketing campaign. Often, people fail to pay any attention to a product trend when they look at it for the first time. But after seeing it for the third, fourth, and fifth time, it creates an impression on their minds. This is called frequency. After all, just seeing the name of a product or brand is often not enough to create an impression on the minds of the customers.

In order to generate more interest, the target audience needs to be exposed to the brand idea or message multiple times. After all, the more we see, the more it sticks in the mind. This is a crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind when formulating the influencer marketing campaign for the brand. In fact, several surveys have proved the fact that the more people see an influencer’s content, the higher the chance they will buy into their ads.

In order to optimise the performance of your influencer marketing campaign, it is best to ensure that there is the right audience overlap between your chosen influencers. This will ensure that your target audience is exposed to your brand message several times but in a unique way every time.

Decoding of Deduplication of Influencer Profiles

Audience overlap is an important factor that helps in accounting for the deduplication between the influencer profiles and quantifying the key metrics between networks. Almost all social media platforms fail to provide that data. With the help of the right tool, you can estimate the integrity of cross-platform audience reach, frequency of message, and overall effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

With Influencity, you will be able to calculate the precise overlapping of the audience between the given group of influencers. The tool will help you to estimate precisely how many unique and how many commons are there.

Impact the right audience

The percentage of audience overlapping is an important factor when influencer hunting for the brand marketing campaign. After all, it is an important marketing tactic to tap into today’s increasingly digital world. In the process, you are also strengthening your marketing strategy base by focusing on one of the most important and basal elements of any brand – the right audience.

When you get to know your audience better, you get better results for your content. Influencer marketing technique works because it is almost equal to a natural social interaction. By understanding the audience overlapping metrics, you can create one of the best influencer marketing campaigns that rely on both content and social marketing tools. Here genuine authority and credibility have already been established among the audience.

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