AI-powered music video Triller has selected Influential as its influencer measurement and social data partner. For Triller, the partnership is an effort to increase revenue, content creation and social measurement, utilising Influential’s paid media campaigns, influencer network, and IBM Watson-powered technology.

Influential is providing its influencer sourcing technology, analytics, measurement and campaign services to run Fortune 500 campaigns. Influential will be offering brands first-to-market measurement of Triller influencer campaigns for foot traffic, in-store sales and TV tune-in across all social platforms.

“We are on track to be the social media home for the largest amount of influencer both in audience and volume. With our CrossHype platform, we are changing the model and allowing brands to buy it like media with guaranteed views on our platform but also allowing influencers to still post on their other social platforms. Creators, content, and measurement are the lifeblood of social media platforms like Triller,” said Bonin Bough, chief growth officer of Triller. “Together with Influential, we’ll benefit from their AI-enabled technology, and paid media capabilities, to further accelerate Triller’s already rapid growth.”

“Culture moves at the speed of social, and influencers creating short form video on Triller is an extremely impactful way for brands to connect with consumers” said Influential CEO Ryan Detert. “Influencer marketing has evolved into a fully trackable channel showing sales, TV tune-in, and foot traffic from branded content campaigns. We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Triller to bring this offering to even more brands and influencers.”

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