Influencers that are part of the Amazon Influencer Program now have a new way to earn commissions on Amazon via livestreaming.

The new feature will enable them to bring their products to life and connect with their fans by livestreaming directly on Amazon – all while earning commissions from qualifying purchases of products featured in their streams.

This launch gives Amazon customers a new way to shop with some of their favourite influencers, and more opportunities to discover new products and brands. Features like product highlighting, live promotions and chat help influencers engage with their audience during streams.

Streaming with Amazon Live is free and self-service through the Amazon Live Creator app, which helps creators easily connect and interact with shoppers on the site. For example, viewers can chat live with each other and the host throughout the stream and products featured in the livestream are displayed alongside the video player – making it easy for customers to add them to their cart while watching.

When live, influencers’ streams will appear automatically on their Amazon storefront and on the Amazon Live home page. Viewers can also follow influencers to be notified via the Amazon Shopping app when the influencer is streaming live.

“We’re focused on bringing customers fun and interactive shopping experiences, while also helping influencers grow their businesses on Amazon. Livestreaming enables creativity, connection, and inspiration, and the opportunities are endless – we’re excited to introduce the Amazon Live Creator app to influencers and can’t wait to see what they’ll create for Amazon customers,” said Munira Rahemtulla, director of Amazon Live.

Some influencers including Mirror & Thread, Beauty By Carla and BrickinNick have already experienced livestreaming on Amazon Live.

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