Facebook Gaming announced two new updates that will help video creators monetize their content on the platform.

Level Up creators who have at least 250 returning weekly viewers will now be able to access Fan Subscriptions. This allows fans to pledge a monthly donation to their favourite creators in return for perks like access to custom emojis. The Level Up program aims to help creators build their communities.

In addition, over the past few months, Facebook Gaming has been testing Live Ads with gaming creators and announced that they are now available to all partnered gaming creators. When a partnered creator is streaming, a viewer may see a preroll ad before the livestream, an image ad that appears below the livestream, or a new midroll ad that plays in the main window while the main broadcast continues playing in a smaller window.

The social network is also working on an additional ad format called Live Breaks, which will give creators more control over the ad experience with the ability to manually set an ad break in the middle of a stream. Creators will be able to choose from 90- and 180-second ad breaks. The new format blends creator-generated content such as clips and highlights with a traditional ads experience.

“Finding ways to help our creators grow their communities and monetize their content in the process will continue to be a big focus for us,” said the company in the statement.

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