We sat down with one of the featured influencer marketing agencies, The Influencer Marketing Factory, to find how they could help you get in front of Gen Z and Millennials.

What sets your agency apart from the rest?

We are a 100% remote influencer marketing agency, always in the loop of the latest trends and most interesting social media and lean. On the contrary of many other agencies that are still applying an “old-school” structure with slow processes. We decided to be different from day one and show that a new way to build an agency business model is possible.

Choosing the right influencer is a challenge many still face but it is vital to the success of a campaign. What’s your influencer selection process?

We have different ways to find influencers. Sometimes we propose our own talents if we think they can be a good fit for the client. If not, we use both tools and databases for an initial first screening and we also get in touch with our talent agency partners around the world. After this first filter of potential influencers based on data, we then proceed with a manual check of the influencer’s content, tone of voice, previous collaboration and sponsorships. Lastly, we send out a proposal and we take care of everything, from contracting to management passing by logistics.

Do you guarantee any specific outcomes?

I personally don’t like the word “guarantee”. When it comes to marketing, a lot of things can’t be guaranteed (think about SEO for example, you can do your best, but the last call is from Google and you can’t really do anything about it). We guarantee certain metrics where we have control such as combined number of followers, average engagement rate, the average number of clicks to a landing page, e-commerce or app store (based on historical data of similar campaigns in the same industry). For instance, we cannot guarantee the number of signups an app will get because we don’t have control on the final product. For example, if the app crashes when it opens, the user will delete it and won’t sign up. In that case, our job is to take care of the influencer marketing campaign but we are not responsible for the success of the app itself.

Measurement is something many marketers struggle with. What business metrics does the agency measure?

For us, measurement and tracking are crucial. We always say this: if you don’t track and you don’t analyse each marketing campaign, you are literally burning budget. That said, the business metrics we measure depend on the type of industry and the type of product or service. For example, metrics for a TikTok influencer marketing include always: cumulative number of followers reached, cumulative number of likes, comments and shares, branded hashtag reach, number of UGCs, number of clicks on the link in bio and number of conversions (app installs, e-commerce items sold, etc.)

Who tends to be your main client?

We have a mix of companies, from Google to smaller companies that make $5 million to $10 million annually.

How does the pricing work (i.e. is it on a retainer fee or per project?)

Our influencer marketing campaigns start from a minimum budget of $20,000 that already includes our management fee. We also offer additional services such as TikTok Ads Management, TikTok content creation and even content production across different social media platforms and we can offer both a retainer fee or also pay per project depending on the relationship with the client and type of work to be done.

What rights would brands have to the content being produced?

Our clients give us some guidelines to be respected. Some brands give us more freedom, others are more strict on their policy. We always suggest to trust us and the creators and influencers, but the brand receives every single content for approval before being posted, mostly to avoid miscommunication and mistakes.

How do you approach guidelines and disclosures?

We always try to have a good combination of the client’s guidelines and the creator’s tone of voice and style in order to create authentic content that can still respect the brand’s values.

Tell us some of the clients you have worked with in the past/work with now:

We cover many industries across all the continents: Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music Group for music releases on TikTok. Hily & Taimi in the dating apps space. Still on the apps space, we worked with Ablo, Zenly, ABA English, Bigo Live and many more. Then Basic Fun! And Educational Insights that are great toys company. Vestiarie Collective and Vessi Footwear in the fashion industry. These are just to name a few.

Finally, which social channels do you specialise in?

Definitely TikTok. We have been one of the pioneers of TikTok influencer marketing when the majority of the other agencies didn’t even know what TikTok was or identified it just as an app for kids and not as a marketing channel for brands and businesses.
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