TikTok released a series of actions the social media platform plans to take after criticisms that its recommendation algorithm suppresses black creators.

The actionable steps TikTok is taking to foster an inclusive environment on the platform includes establishing a creator diversity council aimed at “recognising and uplifting the voices driving culture, creativity, and important conversations,” the company wrote in a blog post.

TikTok said it will also invest in moderation strategies to better handle “potentially violative content” and build a more user-friendly appeals process in addition to developing a creator portal to expand “opportunities for the broader creator community.”

Today, TikTok is standing with the Black Community by participating in “Black Out Tuesday,” a day of action against racial injustice planned by the music industry. The platform will turn off playlists and campaigns on the Sounds page to “observe a moment of reflection and action.”

To further support its black creators, TikTok said it is donating $3 million from the Community Relief Fund to non-profits that help the black community. In addition, they are committing another $1 million to address “racial injustice and inequality.”

“We appreciate being held accountable. We know that getting to a place of trust will take work, but we are dedicated to doing our part as we continue to foster a space where everyone is seen and heard,” TikTok said in a statement.

In May, TikTok users began to change their profile pictures to the black power symbol to protest the censorship of black creators. According to CNN, the protest, named #ImBlackMovement, saw black creators urging non-black allies to participate in the “black out” by changing their profile pictures to the raised black fist. TikTok users would unfollow other users that did not support the movement. Quickly afterward, TikTok said it had a “technical glitch” that made it look like videos uploaded under the #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd hashtags received zero views.

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