The last couple of months have been a testing experience for us all but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this, we are anticipating a relaxation of the lockdown measures to be announced very soon, giving us hope that life will slowly start to show some semblance of normality. That being said, I for one, hope that life doesn’t return to normal. There are some big lessons that humanity can, and need to learn from this.Despite physical distancing, the strong sense of community that has developed is something I can’t see us retreating from any time soon. The crisis has reminded us of what’s important and that we need to look after one another. As much as we are turning to our local neighbourhood, we are also turning to communities online. During this time, many talent and content creators have become linchpins of their online communities. They’ve had to adapt their content out of necessity, but they have also established their platforms can be places for positive purpose. Whether that be sharing their honest and frank thoughts about how they are feeling, thus enabling others to feel less alone, posting content designed to inspire, educate or entertain or using their platforms as a stage to promote causes, spread important messages or drive fundraising, there are many examples of how content creators are using their influence for good. I thought I’d take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the talent and content creators who have made a positive difference during this time. Without them, my, and many others’ feeds would have been far less positive places to visit. 

The Talent Using Their Platforms for Positive Purpose

Fleur De Force

To raise money for Duty To Care, a charity supporting the mental health of NHS workers during this time, Fleur has arranged a mass eBay auction of luxury goods with a bunch of other well-known fashion bloggers. 

Isabella Johnson

Dancer and mental health awareness advocate Isabella Johnson has launched a series on IGTV called Self Love Sundays where she shares a weekly video talking openly about how she’s feeling, tips and advice on looking after yourself and why it’s important to be kind to yourself as much as others. 

The Scummy Mummies

As a devoted listener to their podcast, I can say that The Scummy Mummies have always used their platforms as a way to entertain, champion positivity, and promote important causes. During lockdown, while they should have been on tour with their latest live show, they have instead taken to Instagram Live, broadcasting their hilarious show live on Friday nights or Tuesday lunchtimes to give exhausted home-schooling parents a moment of light relief. If you haven’t tuned in, you must.

Giovanna Fletcher

Every Saturday night, Giovanna has been giving parents a night off, reading a bedtime story live for children all over the country via her Happy Mum Happy Baby channel. 

Brett Cobley

Vegan chef, Brett Cobley has launched the Creative Cupboard Challenge, helping people by developing recipes for them from items they have in their cupboards. His followers comment on what ingredients they have and he responds in real-time with a recipe idea or suggestions for substitutes. 

Jo Jones and Sali Hughes

Beauty PR expert Jo Jones and journalist Sali Hughes founded The Beauty Bank in 2017, a community of people who support those living in poverty in the UK with collecting and delivering donations of personal care and hygiene products to homeless centres, foodbanks, refuges and schools. During this crisis, they have launched the Hell Yes NHS drive to support NHS workers by gifting them self-care products as a way to say thank you.

Mercedes Benson and Ciara Madden

DJ Mercedes Benson and personal trainer Ciara Madden are hosting a live House Party every Friday to keep their audiences entertained and feeling connected through music. 

Natalie Glaze

Natalie Glaze is a small business owner herself, having launched a sustainable swimwear brand, Stay Wild Swim, a couple of years ago. During this time, she is using her platform to champion other small businesses across her social profiles. Natalie also runs the Book Swap Club, a monthly meet up and book-loving community. Since lockdown, she has been encouraging people to stay at home by sharing her book reviews online and asking the community to share their recommendations with one another to keep the community spirit alive. 

Wednesday Holmes

Artist and LGBTQI+ activist Wednesday Holmes has always used their channel as a platform to champion change and promote positivity. During this time, they have continued to offer support to the LGBTQI+ community, recognising that self-isolation will affect the mental health of many and sharing their own personal experiences to help others feel less alone. They’re certainly one of the internet’s good ‘uns. 

Reggie Yates

Presenter, writer, and director Reggie Yates has used his platform and position of influence to spread important messages, encourage safe behaviours and drive awareness throughout the pandemic. As the Muslim community commenced their observation of Ramadan, Reggie shared this video on his channel created by Basma Khalifa. This is just one example of how he’s using his platform to give important messages a louder voice. Finally, I can’t share a list of talent who are doing good during this period without recognising the incredible efforts from Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach, keeping the nation fit and active during this time while donating all of his ad revenue earned to the NHS. Thank you to all of those doing their bit during this time. We are experiencing this together and positive human spirit and kindness will get us through it together. 
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