As the Coronavirus outbreak has forced people to stay inside, Instagram Live, which launched in 2016, has seen a huge surge in usage. Instagram Live, which plays Instagram livestreams that audiences can access via Instagram Stories has previously been somewhat overlooked by many brands. However, mentions of IG Live on Instagram and Twitter increased by 526% between March 8 and March 15, Jeannette Ornelas, senior digital marketing analyst at Mintel, tells Glossy.

As brands look to interact with followers, and audiences crave entertainment during the lockdown, Instagram Live provides a practical, cost-effective and relevant way to keep in touch in real-time.

Celebrities have been livestreaming their beauty routines, dance routines, and reading poetry in a bid to keep us company. Musicians are streaming gigs to keep fans going. As brands shut shop, they are looking to regularly schedule Instagram Live content to host virtual make-up tutorials, reveal product launches, and masterclasses.

Exercise trainers have also been using Instagram Live to bring workouts and exercise tips into people’s homes as gyms across the globe close for the time being. According to an Instagram spokesperson, home workout posts in the US increased over five times last Wednesday compared to a few days prior.

After filming, users have the option of saving their live video, giving it another 24 hours of life. Instagram Live also lets users join the livestream and the host can interact with people’s comments, making it a more intimate, authentic way of connecting with audiences and creating a sense of community that everyone is currently craving.

Has your brand been using Instagram Live during the pandemic? Will IG Live last post-Coronavirus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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