Congratulations on winning the Rising Star award. What has changed for you since scooping the prize?

I have been invited to speak at even more industry events, which has been great exposure for both the company and I. We have been contacted by external brands looking to work with us due to the fact that we are an award-winning agency with award-winning employees. Other than that, we are still pushing forward and acquiring more briefs from different brands globally and servicing our clients in the best way that we can. Winning an award for myself is a lovely accolade to have and great to add to my business portfolio but we would never win awards if it wasn’t for the incredible Goat team. 

Why do you think events like the Influencer Marketing Awards are so vital for the industry?

It gives the industry, the winning companies and the spectacular campaigns that are being delivered great exposure. I have also found prospective clients look at your testimonials and awards, so it is vital to be recognised for the hard work you deliver over the year.

In your opinion, what makes an award-winning campaign?

The people who work on the campaign make the campaign, there are no two ways about it. Without the strategy teams’ ideas and the campaign team who deliver it, there would be no campaign. The hours that are put in to conceptualising ideas and then implementing often go unnoticed but without them, the campaign would end up being a bog-standard off-the-shelf activation. 

What challenges do you face in your position every day?

I guess it remains the same, proving that influencer marketing and our model of influencer-first social strategy works. A number of prospective clients say: “I’ve used influencers before and they haven’t worked” or ‘‘I can’t see how these metrics actually drive ROI”. It is therefore down to our team to constantly prove that influencer marketing is effective across every campaign. A big thing for us over the next few years is how we can continually take budget away from traditional advertising channels by proving that our model consistently drives a strong ROI. 

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