Congratulations on winning the Best Food and Drink as well as the Best Health Campaign award at the Influencer Marketing Awards. What has changed for you since winning the award?

Simone Stevens: Winning these awards was not only exciting for our client and us as it represented all the hard work that went into the campaign but it also meant we had a strong case study to show our capability and approach to a fully integrated influencer campaign

Why do you think events like the Influencer Marketing Awards are so vital for the industry?

Events like the Influencer Marketing Awards are so key to the industry for several reasons; making it possible to showcase some of the best work out there, recognising the hard work that goes into these campaigns in an industry that is still growing and evolving, whilst also demonstrating the breadth of activity across industries and celebrating the diverse creativity within those. It’s also a chance to learn and take insights from other campaigns and industries that practice influencer communications, gain knowledge and understanding some of the challenges and successes that are happening elsewhere in the industry.

In your opinion, what makes an award-winning campaign?

For me, an award-winning campaign shows true due diligence in the research and strategy in both the approach and the influencers that support the campaign. When the upfront research is credible, the campaign then should on the right road to success. Being able to justify the strategy and proposed influencers is fundamental and particularly for an agency like Pegasus where campaigns are often rooted in health decisions made by the consumer.

What challenges did you face in your campaign and how did you overcome them?

Managing so many elements of the campaign was a true challenge. With over 120 influencers involved and many parts of the campaign moving at all times we needed to be organised. However, we had an expert team on hand with clear roles to ensure things went as smoothly as possible for both the influencers and the client.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to win an Influencer Marketing Award, download the entry kit today. Final entries close midnight on November 27.

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