Congratulations on winning the Industry Choice of Technology or SaaS award. What has changed for you since winning the award?

Thanks so much! We were all extremely excited to win, especially as it was the award voted for by people in the industry. We’re so grateful for everyone that took the time to vote for us; we know that there are many tools on the market that all submitted entries for this esteemed category, so it was great to know that we stood out as the best-in-market platform.Since winning we have definitely seen a huge increase in inquiries and requests for demos, and it’s been wonderful to be able to help so many more people succeed in their influencer marketing efforts. Winning also really increased our brand awareness across EMEA. Given that we only launched in EMEA seven months prior to winning the award, it was a very proud moment for me personally as the MD of EMEA, and being able to leverage our success at that time, in particular, was wonderful.

Why do you think events like the Influencer Marketing Awards are so vital for the industry?

The influencer marketing industry has been described as a “wild west” because it’s perceived to be very fragmented and a bit chaotic, with lots of different players in different camps and a lack of clarity (and, unfortunately, some unsavoury companies claiming to be premium but doing some very unscrupulous things).Both the Influencer Marketing Show and Awards prove that we’re not in the least a “wild west”, but rather, an extremely important and professional industry vital to companies’ future success. The awards bring the trusted “best of the best” together in one room to celebrate an industry that is growing exponentially. On a larger scale, the awards ceremony shines a light on how crucial influencer marketing is in its own right as part of a media plan. This is key, given that there are still many who don’t believe that influencer marketing is to be taken seriously and think that it is purely a fad that will soon disappear. The ongoing success of the Influencer Marketing Show and Awards proves to any critics that this simply isn’t the case.

In your opinion, what makes an award-winning campaign?

I think the most successful campaigns are those in which a brand can really prove that the right audience was engaging positively with their ads, and got the right people talking for all the right reasons.Clear ROI is, of course, extremely important, but having people positively engaging with the brand and increasing the audience’s perception of and relationship with the brand is, in my opinion, equally as important.

What challenges did you face in your campaign and how did you overcome them?

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in existence, therefore, a challenge we face is making sure we rise above the noise. While explosive growth is exciting, we want to make sure the public knows that unlike a lot of other companies trying to flood the market with bold, disingenuous claims, Tagger is a premium, proven product that isn’t just here because the industry is trendy. We’re here to help brands and agencies increase their ROI and set up a workflow for their influencer marketing efforts that will support them for long-term success. In short, we’re top-notch and we’re here to stay!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to win at the 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards, submit your entry now to be in with a chance of winning this industry-voted award.

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