Whalar has today released its 2020 Influencer Trends Report, a definitive guide for marketers to the cultural and visual trends that will arise in the industry next year.

Having analysed more than 15,000 creators around the world, the biggest trend Whalar predicts is the continued rise of influencer advocacy, with more creators expected to “post with purpose” this year and make advocacy and activism a large part of their online platforms.

Having been shaped by the relentless political news cycle, perceived distrust of more traditional news channels and an increasing desire to want to do something, consumers are increasingly turning to influencers and their social platforms for ways to support causes and make a change.

What’s more, nearly a quarter of all influencers surveyed by Whalar dedicated some or all of their content to social causes this year, including climate change, civil rights, and gender equality, with expectations this will increase in the 2020 US election year.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch our Trends: 2020 report. The insights we uncovered are rooted in data, crafted by culture, and derived straight from the source: the most credible creators shaping visual and cultural trends in real-time. This project is filled with insights on which marketers can and should act in order to drive more relevance with consumers, and – frankly – to be more human and participatory in culture,” said Mike Hondorp, CMO, Whalar.

Find out more by downloading the full report here.

Best Cause-Led Campaign at the 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards

A new category for the 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards is Best Cause-Led Campaign. Judges will reward a smartly executed cause-led campaign for a non-profit or charity that has a good or progressive cause at its heart. Find out more about the awards and download the entry kit if you have produced a campaign you think is worth shouting about.

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