Influencer marketing platform AspireIQ’s latest report ‘The State of Influencer Marketing 2019: An Analysis of the Social Media Ecosystem’ indicates marketers are increasingly repurposing influencer-generated content (IGC) on channels other than social like websites, emails, ads, and in-store as 90% of brands see value in it. More than two-thirds of brands already leverage IGC and 21% say they plan to do so in the future. What’s more, the kind of content brands are looking to create has evolved beyond static images as 82% of marketers say they will invest in more video content next year, 55% will invest in Stories and 43% in written content. With average savings of 24% on influencer content enticing nearly 70% of brands to repurpose influencer content on various marketing channels, influencer content is set to replace stock images and professional shoots. As 84% of marketers are running more than one campaign per year, and over half running over five, brands are looking for new ways to maximize their efforts by changing the types of influencers they work with and repurposing IGC on channels other than social. Brand marketers listed “brand promotion” as their primary reason for working with influencers (79.2%), followed by content creation and brand reputation.“We’ve reached an era where influencer marketing is about more than promoting your brand on social. Now, influencers power content engines to help brands tell a consistent story on all the channels where their users are active,” said Anand Kishore, founder, and president of AspireIQ. “In the future, brands and influencers will work even closer to build and foster communities that engage in a shared passion for what those brands make,” he continued.Insights are based on AspireIQ’s internal data and over 250 brand surveys that were used to gather information about the state of the industry. You can view the full report here.
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