At the Influencer Marketing Show this year, four exclusive, carefully curated, deep-dive workshops will allow attendees to get up close and personal with the experts in the influencer marketing industry and delve into areas of the industry that are usually left uncovered. Limited seats remain with each hour-long workshop ticket currently discounted by 50% to

£50 + VAT


Here’s why you should make sure you’re there

Be inspired

The information presented in the workshops will be relevant, informative and inspiring. Much of what you learn you’ll be able to implement straight away. Hear success stories from leading brands such as SKY, Visit Britain and Clarins.

Learn from others

The workshops are the perfect opportunity to learn from those in the field and discuss your pain points, how you’ve overcome challenges, and present your burning questions to the experts. Listen to how they have done it and gain real insights.

Develop your strategy

Lots of learning and the chance to ask others will help you develop your strategy. The speakers will help shed light on the possibilities of growing your influencer strategies so you’ll come away feeling motivated with plenty of expert insights to take back to the office.

Network with the best of the best

One of the most important things to help propel any business forward is expanding your network. Meet like-minded peers from a variety of backgrounds and start making connections that last.

Find out how influencer marketing affects you

Whalar will be bringing along the technology the team used for its first-ever neuro-study in influencer marketing. You’ll be able to hear about the process and try it for yourself to see how your brain responds to influencer marketing in real-time.

Nail measuring campaign ROI

CreatorIQ will be revealing what success looks like for some of the best marketers in the space from Gleam Futures, Sky and Visit Britain. Listen to and share your experiences with these experts and unlock the tools for measuring campaign ROI.

Rebuild trust in influencer marketing

Join Takumi, Clarins, Pegasus and Hashtag Ad Consulting as they explore how to rebuild trust in the space by identifying transparent and authentic influencers, and help uncover how to execute brand-safe campaigns.

Get your hands on accurate data

The founder and CEO of Q-83 will reveal how to get your hands on accurate data to ensure transparency within the industry. He’ll explain why he thinks influencers are the only ones who can drive the change and how they can determine rate cards. 

If you haven’t purchased your ticket to the Influencer Marketing Show yet, you can get your ticket here. If you’re already attending, you can purchase your workshop ticket here.

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