We sat down with Ian Forrester, global SVP of research, analytics and insight at Whalar before he takes to the stage at the Influencer Marketing Show to discuss Whalar’s latest report on the science behind influencer marketing and what he’s looking forward to at the event next month.

Whalar is a headline sponsor once again for this year’s Influencer Marketing Show. What are you most looking forward to at the show?

As an insight person, I’m really looking forward to seeing how influencer marketing has evolved in terms of research and measurement, as I think the industry has a way to go before campaigns are reported on with the rigour of other parts of the marketing mix. At Whalar we’re doing some revolutionary work in measurement and I’m excited to showcase it during our talk. 

Your session complements the world’s first neuroscience study of influencer marketing. This new, innovative subject matter hasn’t been discussed on stage before. Why do you feel delegates need to hear and know about the science of influencer marketing?

Not to give too much away, but the study is a world-first – using neuroscience to measure the impact of influencer marketing. We uncover the method of action of influencer marketing when done right – the evocation of emotions and creation of memories, and we discuss how we’re taking the high-level learnings from the research and totally transforming how we’re reporting on all of our campaigns.

What was the biggest surprise you found when carrying out research for the report?

Just how emotive and memorable influencer marketing can be when done right – focusing on authenticity and creativity.

How will these new findings change people’s attitudes towards influencer marketing?

People sometimes view influencer marketing as vacuous and product-focused, but this study proves that it can be so much more – a key driver of emotions that can be used to build brands, which will then lead to strong purchase activity. 

Once attendees have learned about why and how – scientifically – influencer marketing works, what one thing would you like them to go away and action?

To come to chat to us about how we’re revolutionising influencer reporting and measurement across all our campaigns – moving from measuring reach, impressions and likes to emotions, brand recall, and purchase.

Lastly, in what way will the science behind influencer marketing help propel the industry forward?

It will change perceptions about influencer marketing by proving the power of influencer marketing, and it will reveal cutting-edge influencer measurement.

Ian Forrester will deep-dive into the science of influencer marketing at the Influencer Marketing Show next month. Catch his session on the morning of day two of the conference.

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