Amazon’s Influencer Program will now give influencers vanity URLs that lead to a personal storefront on, where they can promote products that they sell on Amazon. At the storefront, influencers can link directly to Amazon via channels where hyperlinking a URL isn’t available like the swipe-up feature on Instagram stories, for example. Depending on product categories, influencers will be able to earn a standard fee for every purchase on Amazon, which varies depending on the product category.The Amazon Influencer Program launched in 2017 as a way for influencers to earn a share from driving sales on Amazon via links on their social posts. The program is open to qualifying influencers, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and brands are able to access the program through Amazon’s advertising team. Amazon will vet influencers for relevance, the type of content, follower counts and the ability to drive traffic. According to the e-retailer giant, the top-performing influencers on the program include Cocktail Chemistry, Colette.Prime and Dr. Organic Mommy. A source told AdExchanger that Amazon is also in the process of developing a publishing tool that will mean influencers can easily attach their social media content to their storefronts to make it look more appealing. Brands could also use the tool to make their storefronts more engaging by pulling content from social channels and websites.“Amazon is teaching influencers on other platforms to point back to Amazon, and teaching consumers how to go down the funnel from a social platform to purchase on Amazon,” said Jeff Nicholson, chief media officer at VaynerMedia.Amazon is utilising content and influencers from other platforms to drive traffic to the site, making it easy to track the generation of sales. Whilst most influencers build their following on one social media platform, Amazon is making it easier for them to monetise their influence. With this capability, more brands will be able to better understand how influencers and social platforms bolster sales on Amazon. This could increase budgets and trust in influencer marketing if brands can link the campaigns on social media platforms to direct sales.  
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