The Influencer Marketing Association has launched to protect the authenticity and ethics of influencer marketing as the industry continues to expand. The US-based association was founded by influencer marketing veterans from brands and agencies including HUNTER, Unilever, and 360PR+. “We founded the Influencer Marketing Association to help establish parameters and guardrails for this growing and changing industry,” said the executive director Kristy Sammis. The association welcomes professionals from agencies, brands and technology platforms that share the same viewpoints about protecting the industry and valuing the importance of integrating the human element with leading technology.Members will have access to an ever-growing resource library, members-only forums, networking events and conferences. Members will also be able to write leadership pieces and participate in studies so everyone involved can receive the most up-to-date information around best practices, measurement standards, and trends.“We believe in the value of integrating the human element and leading-edge technology while operating under a set of ethical standards to help brands achieve marketing objectives. We hope to be a resource for brands and agencies looking for authentic, credible, objective influencer marketing strategies,” continued Sammis. 

How do you join?

Based on shared values and mission of the association, those with more than three years of influencer marketing experience are welcome to join. Members must be willing and able to contribute time, expertise and resources during the membership term, and share the same vision, values, and mission as the association. You can apply to be a member here.
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