Ogilvy UK has announced a new partnership with influencer marketing platform Takumi to expand the agency’s InfluenceO tool to allow clients to effectively execute multi-market campaigns with influencers in multiple languages.As part of the partnership, both Ogilvy and Takumi will support to expand the footprint of the tool, while also helping marketers mitigate the risk of influencer fraud.The agency stated that the global partnership will make it simpler for brands to run multi-market campaigns by combining the abilities of its existing InfluenceO tool with Takumi’s proposition — which uses tech to connect brands with suitable influencers.Currently, the InfluenceO tool hosts over a billion influencers across 60,000 categories. As well as pairing advertisers with creators, it also vets them and offers real-time measurement tools to help brands avoid issues that have plagued the industry, like fake followers and fraud.“As more and more businesses are realising the impact of influence, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth in this area, especially as clients require influencer marketing not just across their offering, but across countries as well. The world of influence is changing dramatically, and brands need to harness the full spectrum of influencers to cut through the noise,” said Rahul Titus, head of influence at Ogilvy.“This is a great milestone in our development as we continue to be able to work with Takumi to ensure the right brands are working with the right influencers, and we’re able to continually advocate for transparency and tackle fraud in the space.” he continued.Adam Williams, Takumi’s CEO, added: “We are delighted to be working on this partnership with Ogilvy, executing localised campaigns with influencers in multiple languages.“Our fantastic team and multi-market capabilities have created this exciting opportunity for brands to tap into the powerful creativity and influence of our Instagram content creators at scale,” said Williams.
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