Influencer marketing platform Klear has announced the ability to automatically monitor campaign clicks and conversions via trackable links. Klear users can now create and send customised links directly to influencers and track the links for data, which gives brands a holistic view of the customer journey. The trackable links can be used across any social platform. The first-party data will be available to view on Klear and Google Analytics.As vanity metrics become a thing of the past in the influencer marketing industry, new metrics will become commonplace. With the help of tools to identify which influencer, what type of content and social platform is the most impactful, marketers will be able to strategically budget for current and future campaigns.“The influencer marketing industry is booming, however, brands are struggling with the lack of accurate metrics to analyse their campaign impact,” said Eytan Avigdor, CEO and founder of Klear.This new capability will give marketers the information they need to understand how influencer campaigns impact various customer touchpoints such as website visits and purchases. The first-party data will help marketers get a clearer view of the influencer’s authenticity. “Analysing a campaign can take days of manual work looking at each influencer and content piece independently. Our new feature not only automates an extremely laborious process but identifies key metrics and provide marketers with standardised data-driven insights,” continued Avigdor.  The new integration should help teams to measure campaign success without having to use multiple tools. According to Klear, this feature is one of many updates to the software, so watch this space. 

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