Joocd is the world’s first dedicated LGBTQI+ marketplace that aims to connect brands and agencies with LGBTQI+ influencers. The acronym stands for ‘Just Out of Curiosity Digital’ and was founded by Nigel Hickey and Mark Alexander. The company aims to match the right LGBTQI+ influencers with brands whilst encouraging brands to better engage with the LGBTQI+ community though eye-catching, authentic content.

The idea is that companies will be more likely to engage with the community by creating more opportunities. The platform offers brands and agencies an in-depth analysis of the quality and insights of an audience and can spot fake followers thanks to its AI-powered technology. Like other platforms, it offers real-time reporting of campaign engagement rates, conversions, earned media, and total media value. With the help of a campaign concierge, they best match brands with the right influencers to collectively co-create content. “We wanted to create a marketplace with which brands could strategically partner with the LGBTQI+ community at scale,” said Hickey. “When done right, we know influencer marketing is highly effective. Getting it right means brands, agencies and influencers need transparency in authentication and audience insights to forge the right partnership.”Connected with all major social media, Joocd is a global network that requires you to have more than 3,000 followers if you want to join as an influencer. LGBT influencers have the power to make a real difference and are proof that being true to yourself can have a real impact and include the likes of YouTube creator Tyler Oakley, bisexual Eva Gutowski, transgender Gigi Gorgeous, YouTuber Shane Dawson and YouTuber Hannah Hart. Last year, Connor Franta won Online Influencer of the year at the British LGBT Awards 2018. The founders also stated that the platform will donate 10% of all profits to LGBTQI+ community projects nominated by their influencer network.
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