HelloSociety, a social-first creative agency owned by The New York Times Co, has launched its first-to-market measurement Campaign Impact Study (CIS) tool, providing brands with a unique understanding of the impact and effectiveness of its influencer marketing campaigns, along with insight into an influencer’s following via direct follower feedback. With measuring the effects of influencer campaigns a key stumbling block for greater adoption of influencer campaigns, and a top concern of marketers, companies like HelloSociety are helping to address some of these key concerns with new solutions. With large retail brands looking to implement new tools to measure the true success and effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns, CIS is helping to guide the way forward for the industry. For example, the research solution taps into influencer’s following via specialised Instagram Stories from influencer marketing partners linked to custom surveys, allowing brands to collect authentic, efficient insight into an influencer’s following.

Putting CIS to the test

Putting CIS to the test, U.S. Polo Assn., the official clothing line of the U.S. Polo Association that oversees the sport, utilised HelloSociety’s influencer measurement CIS tool. By utilising the tool, U.S. Polo Assn. lifted brand recall by 95% with a social influencer campaign. A follow-up consumer survey by HelloSociety found that 88% of respondents said that influencer partnerships make them more aligned with the brand. According to HelloSociety, the follow-up also found that 71% of participants intended to take one or more actions after seeing an influencer partnership, 35% intended to visit the brand website, and 56% to buy in the future. The company said that its study of U.S. Polo Assn.’s campaign drove a four times higher response rate compared with traditional research methods. These results reflect the power influencers have to cut through the noise and positively impact consumer purchasing behaviour. “The industry has been talking about solutions to issues surrounding the measurement of influencer marketing campaigns for years, and the launch of the Campaign Impact Study is the first direct methodology that allows brands authentic access to the loyal group of consumers that make up an influencer’s following,” said Pamela Kaupinen, SVP strategy at HelloSociety.

Over the course of the year, the agency plans on running campaigns that implement its methodology with over 10 brands.
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