MSL, Publicis Groupe’s PR and communications network, has revealed its new influencer offering named MSL Fluency, a “transformative end to end, global influencer marketing service” that will be led by executive vice president and global lead of MSL, Rema Vasan. Recognising the need for an efficient and effective influencer marketing solution that delivers business impact at scale, MSL Fluency provides a new way for MSL to tap into influencer marketing. MSL described the service as a combination of human intelligence and machine learning that will “supercharge influencer marketing” and allow the company to deliver the commitment it made in 2017 to be an industry leader in influence.   
The offering was debuted at South by Southwest last week but will be rolled out to clients in 35 countries globally by the end of this month.

What will the MSL Fluency offering entail?

Clients will be able to manage and measure campaigns and search for influencers from its global database of 5 million influencers using analytics and data. For example, they will be able to see a customised dashboard that showcases how content is performing in real-time so campaign managers can optimise their outreach. What’s more, MSL says fraud detection is “core to the service”. Fluency will be integrated into all the strategies and campaigns for MSL clients.“After speaking with our clients and analysing the industry, we identified an important unmet need in the marketplace. The result of our strategic development process is a transformative service that delivers scalable influencer programs based on smarter, data-driven choices that allow us to dynamically optimise and amplify influencer content,” said Vasan. “We’ve converted a function that had been data-supported to where data is driving every decision. We’ve also replaced a series of individual solutions in different pockets of our business around the world to a comprehensive global service,” explained Guillaume Herbette, global CEO, MSL. MSL said the service is applicable to a number of disciplines, including consumer marketing, corporate communications, and public affairs.

MSL UK has been shortlisted for the Influencer Marketing Awards taking place on March 26 in London. Book a seat to see if they take home gold and follow the IMA Twitter account for the latest updates.

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