Influencer marketing platform ZINE has announced a new tool to improve accountability and transparency for Instagram campaigns after their report found that 50% of marketers say they find influencer marketing is not as transparent as other areas of digital marketing. The free tool called Verified Reach gathers data of the average reach from an influencer’s Instagram post in real-time, which brands and influencers can then access from their ZINE Media Kit, in addition to demographic data such as gender, top countries and the city of followers. The tool allows influencers to verify their reach, showing their authentic following and actual reach on their ZINE profiles. The influencers will be able to share their reports with any brand. “ROI is still the biggest challenge for brands, not fake followers or engagement. At the moment, there is no standard for measuring influencer ROI, in particular across all the value a campaign might create, e.g. awareness, clicks and of course sales. Whatever the ROI of an influencer campaign might be, eliminating the possibility of advertising to fake accounts will increase your ROI,” said Caroline Duong, found and CEO of ZINE.

It is great to see more partners are joining the call for accountability in the influencer marketing space.ZINE isn’t the first platform to have created a new tool to try and improve influencer accountability. For example, back in 2015 TapInfluence launched TapFusion, an automation platform that allows you to monitor real-time performance of your content with analytics that shows reach, views, and engagement. Tagger Media has also created software so brands can start forming data-driven relationships with a colourful dashboard displaying campaign metrics as well as top creators and content. In addition, HypeAuditor uses machine learning to find behaviour patterns that correspond with real people vs automated bots as well as measure authentic engagement to make influencer marketing more transparent. We are sure this isn’t going to be the only announcement this year of a new tool that aims to overall improve influencer accountability as the influencer space continues to evolve.
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