The Business of Influencers is a newly launched board that has been created with the aim of establishing a clear set of principles and guidelines for campaigns and building a sustainable future for the influencer marketing industry.The UK-based board is made up of six members, all of which are leading professionals in the influencer marketing industry, including Ian Shepherd, founder and chief executive of The Social Store; Ben Jeffries, founder, Influencer; Harry Hugo, co-founder of The Goat Agency; Liam Chivers, director of OP Talent; Ana Thorsdottir, head of influencer marketing strategy at MediaCom; and Laura Edwards, commercial director at Viral Talent.The board will “develop standards, best practices, principles, research and resources for businesses and creators to follow when undertaking influencer marketing campaigns,” and “achieve more as part of our community through our events, education and stewardship.” To help guide influencers and marketers, the board will put together special events, educational courses and research, although the key focus will be educating brands and creating a set of principles for everyone to adhere to.
Support for the initiative comes from the ASA/CAP, and the new board comes at a prominent time after a turbulent year for influencer marketing. As the influencer marketing industry is growing at such a fast pace, it will be crucial for the board to maintain a collective voice.
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