Model agency Women Management, which has launched the careers of models like Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss and Isabeli Fontana, and influencer marketing platform InfluencerDB have announced a partnership to help turn Women’s models into social media influencers. Through the partnership, InfluencerDB will track their social media presence, including engagement, content performance and attribution. The aim is that the models will then be able to grow an authentic following, which will hopefully lead to more brand deals.

In a recent report by Influencer Intelligence in association with Econsultancy, the majority of consumers expressed a preference for influencers that create authentic content, with 90% of marketers also saying that proving authenticity is critical to the future of influencer marketing. Tania Debono, strategy director at Women Management told Adweek that “our goal is to be defined as thought leaders in the industry. We want to show that our models are not just the faces of these brands, but the influence behind the brand as well.”InfluencerDB’s technology helps spot fraud, bots and fake followers, which are some of the main concerns for brands. Jonathan Chanti, svp of global sales for the platform said InfluencerDB will also help the models “sell their talent more strategically” and work with brands to create innovative, authentic partnerships. In today’s world, where some of social media’s biggest influencers are models, the likes of Instagram has bought around a new era where models can quickly rise to the top, reaching super status. Models can be the most influential people when you look at the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries because of who they are connected to and the nature of their career. Julie Singer, Women Management’s director of brand partnerships, thinks that models were influencers before the word even existed. She argues that models are the original influencers. “These models are truly global. Their audiences are global, and their relationships are global. So when you apply that global visibility, brand affinity, and association to social, you see a translation to following,” Chanti added.
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