Influencer marketing platform Vamp has announced its remarkable growth in the UK market since its expansion and launch this time last year. During that time, the company has worked on campaigns for the likes of Starbucks and Estée Lauder.In particular, the UK market has seen significant growth over the past eight months, with the team now consisting of 14 full-time employees. The growth follows the opening of its first US office in New York and in the next 12 months Vamp has its eyes set on Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Italy, and Latin America. “Influencer marketing is continuing to challenge and change the digital landscape, and Vamp’s success lies in its dynamic, strategic approach,” says Nicholas Vandepeer, business director of Vamp UK. “We are constantly innovating new and exciting capabilities whilst working with truly incredible influencers who can create the type of awe-inspiring content that brands and consumers love.”“The UK is a huge market for social influencers, and the speed at which our brand has grown in the UK market is phenomenal. We are excited to expand our team in the UK and further continue help content creators and brands work together to create unique, innovative campaigns whilst solving the common pain points found when developing influencer marketing campaigns” said, Aaron Brooks, co-founder of Vamp.Vamp implements high-quality, creative content in a fast, cost-effective and scalable way. Its invite-only platform ensures a network of trusted creators that lend credibility and value to brands, which ensures ongoing customer loyalty.
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