According to research from influencer marketing platform Takumi, 30% of Instagram users in the UK are more likely to purchase a product or service if they see it promoted by an influencer. The Takumi Influencer Index, which alongside YouGov polled over 500 online Instagram users on their attitudes and habits around influencer marketing and social media, also revealed that purchase behaviour was significantly higher among users aged 18-35, with 32% having bought a product or service they’ve seen on the social media app.In addition, 47% of users aged 18-24 were more likely to purchase an item via Instagram if promoted by an influencer.When it comes to influencers having the greatest impact, the survey found that Instagram came out on top for younger consumers 38% of users aged 18-35 stated they were most likely to follow celebrities or influential accounts, dwarfing the figures for Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat.However, authenticity remains a key issue for the 18-24 demographic as 57% said that they don’t trust social media influencers who post about products or services that are not relevant to the channel or content.“What we have to remember is that these younger audiences are the ones that will go on to wield significant spending power in the years to come, and many of their habits will stay with them,” said Mats Stigzelius, CEO of Takumi.“They are digital natives that have grown up with e-commerce, and as a result, brands and businesses will have to change how they communicate with them. The key is to develop relationships now, and build a presence among the channels and influencers that matter most to them from the start.”

Leading creative and influencer platform Takumi will be joining the co-located Influencer Marketing Show at London’s Old Billingsgate on October 15-16 as sponsors of the networking drinks and presenting a session in the IMS Case Study Theatre. Find out more about the show.

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