Affiliate network Awin has launched a new voucher attribution feature for both advertisers and influencers to optimise their affiliate activity on the network.

The feature, which provides an additional cost per acquisition model (CPA), looks beyond traditional last-click by facilitating partnerships between advertisers and content creators – allowing brands to give a voucher code to a chosen publisher – indicating the commission from all sales used by that voucher to be rewarded to the publisher, even if there isn’t an affiliate cookie present or if it’s been allocated to another channel by the advertiser.

This makes for a smoother transaction for advertisers to work with influencers without requiring additional costs or complicate integrations.

Direct commission

Some of the benefits outlined using the tool include no initial set up for the publisher and the simplicity of them using the code assigned to them.

However, an important advantage is the ROI and by using a CPA that can be linked back to the publisher themselves, advertisers can maintain performance while the publisher can earn direct commission for their work.

“Voucher attribution can bring so many benefits to both publishers and advertisers, especially for how easy it is to use and promote,” said Carina Toledo, influencer marketing consultant at Awin; “For new content creators entering the space that haven’t quite grasped the intricacies of affiliate marketing, voucher attribution is much easier for them to promote in their content and actually see returns, without being dependent on the limitations of a particular platform – it’s simply text that can be written or said in a video, Instagram Story, a podcast.

“Content platforms have evolved to be much more dynamic, so we need to expand beyond links, banners and product feeds too.”

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