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As we continue to navigate through testing economic times, it’s extremely important, now more than ever, to reflect on where budgets are being directed. This inevitably raises the questions: What channels should I be betting my marketing budget on, and where is the safest bet, if I want to guarantee ROI?

Hello Partner’s Salary and Spending Report found companies were increasing their budgets across multiple channels in the past year, with a 33% rise in affiliate marketing, and 28% in influencer marketing.

We will be asking our panel if they are looking to hedge their bets or double down on their budget spend - questioning whether it will be a smarter choice to invest in one reliable channel, or spread budget across a cohesive marketing strategy that adopts an omni-channel model.

With hard choices facing all decision-makers on where budget spends will go, we want to know what strategies are being looked at by those at the top of the marketing tree. Is now the right moment for industry leaders and CMOs to explore new avenues?

This webinar will seek to explore how brand marketers can best bet their budgets in the year ahead. Themes will include:

  • Where industry leaders and CMOs are betting their budgets when times are tight
  • The marketing hires you should be making to get best use of budget
  • What channels brands are investing in to get the most out of their budget this year
  • What is being spent less on when hit with a recession
  • A look into the key trends in spending

Webinar date: Thursday 30th March, 2pm-3pm GMT.

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